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Revontuli Shopping Centre

Viiden liiketilahankkeen johtaminenLeading five commercial space projects simultaneously while ensuring uninterrupted business operations for tenants.

In the vibrant shopping center of Eloisa, the management of five commercial space projects was executed with seamless timing to achieve objectives. A unique aspect was the assurance of undisturbed current operations within the premises, thereby avoiding disruptions to tenants’ businesses.

The project scope was articulated clearly and precisely. A cost analysis was prepared based on up-to-date understanding of the Finnish construction market conditions. As a result, both the property owner and tenants gained a clear and unified understanding of the project’s progress and a realistic budget. The planning and implementation phases were led in close collaboration with the client, tenants, designers, and contractors.

As a result of this collaboration, the commercial spaces were delivered according to specifications and within budget. Additionally, the overall project duration was shortened by one month.

ClientTrevian Asset Management LtdBudget1,6 MEURCategoryConstruction and cost analysis