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Minkiö Research Barn

A research barn enabling scientific research at an international level.

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is building well-being and a sustainable future from renewable natural resources. Therefore, the new research barn must facilitate scientific research of international caliber in Finland. A key aspect was to strike a balance between the specific needs of research and costs, while also emphasizing the sustainability of construction.

The comprehensive solution required an understanding of the daily operations of future activities and active prioritization of needs – distinguishing between essential and important but non-essential requirements. By leading the needs assessment phase through goal-oriented workshops, user groups, together with representatives of the property owner, succeeded in gradually developing a shared, goal-oriented solution.

The resulting comprehensive solution balances prioritized and harmonized needs with an optimized building mass comprising repeatable building components. The total costs are within budget. The cost savings compared to the solution previously considered by the client, which met the same needs, amount to nearly 10 million euros.

ClientSenate PropertiesBudget10.5 MEURCategoryConstruction and cost analysis