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Project manager, -leader and -engineer

We are looking for an experienced and client centric and motivated project manager, -engineer or a project leader.

Our recipe is simple and efficient

A successful construction project is the sum of its parts, where the parts are in balance.

Intecon’s purpose is to create integrity in projects, with which a balanced position is found, maintained and the project succeeds -together. Managing it is our job. If you want to challenge your self and create something better with a team, you belong here.

Intecon means strong community

Our management is based on two theses – technology changes operating methods and management is humane. We believe in the diversity of professionals. In addition to a higher degree in the field of construction, Inteconians share common values ​​- the ability to meet people, the courage to challenge, the curiosity to experiment, and the honesty to take responsibility for actions.

Contact us and we will tell you more.

Sami Hentilä 040 823 9409 |

Miska Eriksson 0400 869 055 |

Intecon Oy is a company operating in the construction and real estate sector with a solid strategic understanding, which aims in all its activities to serve our customers as efficiently as possible and to achieve high-quality results.

We are the experts in construction, cost analysis and scheduling. The company’s management has significant experience of several decades in construction management, cost accounting and real estate development.